Local Search Strategy

By incorporating Local Search Engine Optimization into our digital marketing strategy, we’re ensuring that your company will appear everywhere local search is available. Your company is loved by your local fans. Our SEO Strategists make sure this love is showcased across the web. Our strategy involves unifying your information across a variety of services to ensure your company is accurately (and positively) represented. Local search optimization is about putting your best foot forward when consumers search for your brand in apps, search engines, and web directories. Local SEO is vital for companies that seek to unite their online and retail presence to maximize the consumer shopping experience.

Why should I trust Protech Marketing Solutions with my Local SEO?

Protech Marketing Solutions has experience with both large and small scale Local SEO projects. In the hospitality industry, we’ve bolstered more than a thousand restaurants’ reputations in local communities. We achieve our clients’ goals by helping them reach the top of prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. When our clients appear at the top of these engines’ results, it leads to clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Local SEO Audit

Where does your site currently rank? Which Local Search sites are you appearing on? Do you have any visibility on Google Maps? The SEO Audit process sets you and your emfluence team up for success.

Keyword and Geographic Analysis

Will the SEO keywords you are targeting drive the right kind of traffic? This includes studying the competitive landscape and helping you select keywords that are relevant to your geographic market.