Link Building & Content

Links are incoming connections from other websites on the internet that take people to your website. How many links you have pointed to your website has been a large ranking factor for search engines since the beginning. It is treated as a voting system and online popularity contest for your website but not all links are equal. There are ranking factors that apply to every link pointing to your website that determine how strong a link it is.

Link Building Today

Due to people using dishonest SEO tactics, search engines have become very sensitive to the quality of the links pointing to your website. Quality links come from other trusted websites with strong page and domain authority. Links that come from bad neighborhoods or have low page and domain authority can be detrimental to the way search engines view and trust your website.

Factors for Link Quality

Anchor Text
Anchor text are the words that are used in a link pointing to your website. Having the proper words in the anchor text can be a strong factor for search engines rankings. The key to proper anchor texts is research on how people are finding your business and focusing on the products or services that you provide.

Website Trust and Authority
Links that come from trusted and well trafficked websites are worth more to your website than links that come from weak websites with poor authority. Search engines use authority to help them provide the best possible results from trusted website and web partners. Having strong links from good websites can give your web page a significant boost in rankings.

Social Signals
Increasingly ever year social signals becomes more important to your business profile. With the continued growth of social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, the amount of weight put in website ranking factors towards those social markets will continue to rise. You will want to engage with your current and potential customers through social networks to create online awareness and brand growth.

Local and Linking Content
Links to your website from other sites of the same topic or business field are worth more than generic links from off topic websites. For example a dentist, links from oral care websites would be more beneficial than links from a wedding supply website. Search engines also like to see that you are popular within your local service area.

Link Neighborhoods

If you have many links coming in from strong websites and very few or none coming in from poor or spam websites, you would be living in a good online neighborhood. Conversely if your website has links pointing from bad and spam websites, search engines might determine that you are a part of a bad online neighborhood and would not want to feature your site in their top results.

How can we help?

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